Selecting an Air-Conditioner

  1. Measure your room correctly. If you are not confident in measuring your room we will gladly visit your home and do a free measure and quote for you.
  2. Selecting a larger unit then needed sometimes is not the best option, please seek professional advice before purchasing you’re A/C

Maintaining Your Air-Conditioner

Simply remove your dust filters at desired times and clean them under warm water and have a technician apply a chemical clean and wash and diagnostic check at least once a year.


It is very important to have an ARC Licensed technician and fully qualified electrician perform all works.

There are 2 reasons for this:

  1. You will get longevity form you A/C system due to it being installed correctly
  2. Your warranty when installed correctly will be valid for the full term of the warranty of the individual unit installed


All machines come with a manufacturers warranty. We do onsite servicing/repairs + cleaning service and any warranty claims can be arranged but it is the clients responsibility to keep all warranty contact details including purchase invoice installation date

When there is a fault, the client must ring the number on the warranty document or if by chance you have lost the documents we can help by putting you onto a qualified aligned repairer.