Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a reputable brand?

Yes we use only quality brands. Our brands are listed here

Are the indoor units quiet?


Are the outdoor units quiet?

Noisier than indoor but still quiet..

How often do they need cleaning?

Once a year.

What brand is best suited to my budget?

No matter what your budget try your best not to sacrifice quality of cost, if you purchase cheaply manufactured products the components are most definitely of a inferior quality including lesser quality plastics and compressors , most cheaper units have a minimal warranty, you may only have to spend a couple of hundred dollars more to acquire a brand name unit with a quality warranty, piece of mind.

What is the Warranty process?

When there is a fault, the client must ring the number on the warranty document or if by chance you have lost the documents we can help by putting you onto a qualified aligned repairer.  It is the clients responsibility to keep all warranty contact details including purchase invoice installation date.

Do you carry out Servicing and Repairs?

Yes, we do onsite servicing / repairs + cleaning service. Contact Us for more information or submit a Customer Service Enquiry.