Types of Air-Conditioning:

  • Cassette type in ceiling and under ceiling type
  • Split-type high wall
  • Ducted
  • VRF –VRV Variable refrigerant flow or volume

Easy guide for the type of A/C required ( please consult your salesperson )

  • 1hp 2.65kw perfect for a small bedroom up to 20sqm
  • 1.5hp 3.65kw perfect for medium to large bedroom 30-35sqm
  • 2.25hp 5.3kw perfect for larger bedroom or medium lounge area 45-50sqm
  • 3hp 7kw perfect for large lounge area 55-65sqm
  • 3.5hp 8kwperfect for large open lounge areas 60-80sqm

Please take into consideration ceiling height and any west facing glass that is going to be a factor in selecting the correct A/C size.